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Digital Forensics - Find Digital Evidence from Hidden Data

iSystems specialises in digital forensics and find the strong evidence behind scattered and hidden data. Our investigators analyse internet usage, emails, data movement, etc. to reveal the event timeline.

Digital forensics specialist in today’s digital era - iSystems

Digital forensics is the practice of revealing and interpreting electronic data. The main objective behind this process is to save and preserve any proof in its most original form while also conducting an organized investigation and analysis by accumulating, identifying and authorizing the digital information for reconstructing or recreating the past events.

These are the times where businesses are embracing the fact that breaches are not about ‘if’ but ‘when’. They have accepted that when data is stored in an IT environment, it will always be susceptible to leakage or theft. They know that their data would always be on the target for malicious attackers and hackers. Thus, it has become more and more important to develop internal and external measures and resources to investigate and administer the effect of attacks after they have taken place.

Why iSystems?

iSystems’s digital forensics team can discover the strong evidence from the horde of dispersed and veiled data. With the help of advanced tools, renowned techniques, and competent experts, iSystems analyze your information to provide you the right answers for the questions like who and what was responsible for data loss and when did it occur. They also offer the most effective solutions for high-risk conditions.

Digital forensics is a comparatively newly-developed skill, one that might not require the same expertise and skills as needed for cyber security solutions. Instead, digital forensics can be seen as a tool that helps in strengthening cyber security solutions. While more enterprises are becoming aware that they need digital forensics specialists, most are still focusing on detection and prevention.

Digital forensics in Law Enforcement

When you are working in the law enforcement field, you understand that digital forensics can quickly go from something fantastical that is used in TV dramas to something that can be vital in real-life situations. Digital Forensics is a division of forensic science that includes the retrieval and investigation of material acquired from digital devices. Digital Forensics experts are usually consulted to inspect the cyber-crimes involving a security breach in a system or network.

How can they help you?

When a cyber-crime happens, digital forensics experts can help in many ways. Their services include recovery of deleted files, safeguarding confidential information accessed by hackers, reconstruction of data, email analysis, and more.

If you believe that a digital device comprises of the evidence which can be useful to your case, you can hire a licensed digital forensic specialist to obtain the evidence. When you hire an authorized specialist, that means the information collected would be uncorrupted and could be used for legal purposes. The specialists who would obtain the evidence from digital devices for you, they could be called to be a witness about what they discovered and how they discovered it.

As the cyber crimes are increasing and it doesn’t require physical violence, law enforcement agencies are focusing on digital world and are using digital forensics to control the activities of impostors, identity thieves, ransomware providers, and others in the world of cyber-crimes.

Digital Forensics in Business

When it comes to the world of business and trade, business establishments are regularly using digital forensics to resolve the cases involving industrial surveillance, fraud, forgery, intellectual property theft, employment disagreements, bankruptcy inquiries, the inept usage of digital resources, for instance, email, messaging, social media, and more in the workplace, and matters relating to government regulations. You can use iSystems services for acquiring court-accepted copies of images of hard drives and removable media, recovery of deleted files, investigation of Internet usage, email analysis, crucial information recovery, data extraction, and so on.

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Our digital forensic investigators can find the strong evidence behind the mass of scattered and hidden data. With advanced tools, recognized techniques and qualified specialists we analyze your information to provide you with answers to the who, what, and when of investigations and other complex, high-risk situations.


Digital ForensicsDigital Forensic Services

  • Court-accepted image copies of hard drives and removable media
  • Recovery of deleted files
  • Analysis of Internet usage
  • Analysis of email
  • Critical information recovery
  • Document and financial data extraction
  • Determination of event timelines, e.g. date of document deletion, e-mail, etc.

Our digital forensic specialists are experienced expert witnesses and are able to produce court reports and give evidence in court proceedings, if required.

See our case studies for to find out how Digital Forensics helped with the following cases:

  • Defamation and theft of company data
  • Confidential data theft

We have helped a wide range of organisations get evidence of illegal and inappropriate use of their company computers. The following scenarios are specific examples of the problems some of our clients have faced in the past. For reasons of client confidentiality and legal sensitivity, actual names have been changed.

Case Study 1: Defame and Fortune

X, the sales manager of Company A gives 4 weeks notice. Soon after he leaves, Company A receives advice from a number of clients that they received emails from an unknown Hotmail account containing defamatory information about Company A.

iSystems Security Ltd is instructed to search for evidence on X's PC that the emails originated from it.

During the briefing iSystems suggests that the PC be examined for any evidence of any confidential data being copied to removable external media during the preceding 4 weeks.

Every bit and byte on the PC's hard disk is acquired and preserved using rigorous procedures. The data is then analysed and various data (deleted) and system files are recovered showing that email data was created at the date and time that X was known to be operating the PC.

Detailed analysis also shows that during the last 3 days of X's employment 1 MYOB data file and 1 Microsoft Access file were copied to a USB drive. The files and detailed report are provided to Company A and appropriate discussions are held with the company's legal advisors for recommended action.

Case Study 2: Competitive Edge

Employee F suddenly resigns from company G and establishes a company in direct competition.

iSystems conducts a detailed briefing session with management and legal counsel of company G. The PC previously used by employee A is studied by iSystems and an evidential copy of all data on the hard disk drive is made and preserved.

The deleted file area undergoes detailed analysis and evidence is found of Company G's confidential marketing data sent as email attachments to a private email account. A deleted draft of a business plan for the new competitive company is also recovered.

A full report is presented to management of company G and the ex-employee F makes appropriate reparation.