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Penetration Testing Services, Source Code Review & Other Tests

The penetration testing services of iSystems include source code review and other assessments and tests. Help to discover real security weaknesses and validate your company's security posture through simulated attacks.

Penetration testing services and source code review for business network security

As the network technologies and application features are changing at a faster rate, the vulnerabilities attached to it are also increasing. But is your ability to identify those vulnerabilities also improving and has the security penetration testing progressed since its beginning in the seventies. Also, if you want to know if the security testing method, tools, and approach to meet the security issues have changed or not, let’s begin with penetration testing.

What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing is a legally approved and proactive work to evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure by prudently running different tests to exploit the possible susceptibilities of the system that might be existing in an operating system, services, misconfigurations, risky end-user actions, and more. These assessments help in confirming the efficacy of protective measures set in place and including security procedures for end-users.

iSystems offers penetration testing services and they can customize their services to fit your business requirements and your IT environment. They offer services such as infrastructure assessment, mobile app assessment, social engineering or phishing tests, Wi-Fi assessments, web app assessment, and source code review.

The objective of any kind of hacker is to steal sensitive data from your business organization. They might be after your money or crucial data that might be worth a lot of money. Or they might be simply seeking to interrupt your business operations. If you consider this matter, even one single damaging incident can make a massive impact on your company’s reputation. Others might begin to doubt the security of their association with your company. Thus you need penetration testing services for source code review and more.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

1. Detecting security threats

A penetration test helps in evaluating the ability of a business organization to defend its applications, clients’ information, networks, and more. The tester makes attempts from inside and outside of the organization to dodge the security controls to get unauthorized access to protected assets of the company. The testing helps in confirming the threat that might come up due to specific security vulnerabilities, faulty processes, etc. It allows the IT management and security experts to make more improved efforts to remove the vulnerabilities in the system of their company.

2. Show actual threats

Penetration testing services providers try to exploit recognized vulnerabilities. That means you will get to see what a real hacker could do to your system in the real world. They might be able to get access to sensitive data and make changes by executing operating system commands. But the testers might also find about the vulnerability that you didn’t know could exist in your system. Also, the testing service provider might find a vulnerability which hypothetically poses a high risk, but in reality, isn’t that risky at all because it is very difficult to exploit that vulnerability in your system.

3. Improvement in security against cyber attacks

The penetration testing can help you detect potential threats and you can respond accordingly and promptly. When you notice an invasion, you can start an investigation, find out about the intruders and block them. The attacker can be malicious, or it could be the experts testing the efficiency of your protection tactics. The test results can help you improve the security of your system and network.

4. Helps in ensuring the continuity of your business

With the detection of system and network threats in advance, you can make sure that those threats don’t interrupt or hurt your business activities and reputation. You can see that your business runs without any disruptions, your network works smoothly, and you have 24/7 communication and easy access to resources.

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Simulated external and internal attacks to validate your security posture.


Penetration Testing is to evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure by safely trying to exploit vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities may exist in operating systems, services and application flaws, improper configurations or risky end-user behavior. iSystems Consultant can customize our Penetration Test services to fit your business needs and IT environment. Through our test results your organization can better understand cybersecurity risks to your assets, business operations and growth. Our services include:


  • Infrastructure Assessment – fully assess vulnerabilities in servers, network devices and IT systems
  • Mobile App Assessment – comprehensively test the security of mobile devices and installed applications based on industry best practice of OSSTMM, OWASP, etc
  • Social Engineering/Phishing Test – assess security awareness and general security controls with respect to human manipulation, including email, phone calls and physical access. We can support the language of the Phishing Test in English, Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese.
  • PCI/HKMA/SFC Compliance Assessment
  • WiFi Assessment – test the security of deployed wireless solutions, including the hotspots, controllers, etc.
  • Web App Assessment – comprehensively test the websites
  • Source Code Review – The Code Review can find out the bugs at early stage of the software development cycle.


Case Study : Penetration Test

Penetration test was successfully completed for a Hong Kong government department. The scope of the test covered IT infrastructure and web applications. An engagement letter was signed before the exercise which explained the roles and responsibilities of the client and the service provider. It also provided details on the penetration test timing, procedures and tool, attack vectors and evidence of system weaknesses. The penetration test was practical and tailor-made for the client; it involved more than basic press-the-button and checklist tasks. Our client can better understand its IT weaknesses and vulnerabilities before cyber crimes happen.

Key Benefits to our customers are:

We carry out network and system discovery with customized techniques for our clients. This is to find out technical "holes" in network and servers; it is very useful for practical technical improvements. The penetration test is practical and tailor-made for the client; it involves more than paper work and checklist. Our client can better understand its IT weaknesses and vulnerabilities before cyber crimes happen.


Vulnerability Assessment vs Penetration Test

The differences between vulnerability assessment and penetration testing show that both information security services are worth to be taken on board to guard network security. Vulnerability assessment is good for security maintenance, while penetration testing discovers real security weaknesses.